Garlicfest Platykampos

Platykampos village has been always known for its large and widespread production of excellent garlic. The dynamic revival of old and successful farming and the cultural capital of the region’s tradition stimulated the ambition to promote native garlic as a valuable and exceptional food by organizing a festival. “Platykampos Garlic Festival” has been organized early July, in 2010, 2011, 2012 by the local improvement society “Polites Gia Piotita Zois” in collaboration with the Municipal Authorities. Garlic Festival is very important for home cultural events because it honors garlic cultivators and everyday workers in the plains of Thessaly; it restores our grandfathers’ traditions who produced garlic for over a century; it highlights virtues of a food associated to culinary heritage. Lectures, exhibitions and presentations of traditional techniques related to garlic, presentations of garlic braiding virtuosity as well as revivals about the local history and the development of rural life and agricultural production, take place during the Festival. At the same time, visitors have the chance to taste and purchase Platykampos garlic, to flavor dishes and local products and to enjoy various cultural happenings (artistic demonstrations, traditional dances, concerts, activities for kids etc)..

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